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SAA Parents As Partners Video Series

It's that time of year again!! Parents As Partners videos has launched!!

Parents as Partners Online runs January 25th to October 15th, 2018 with over 50 video, audio, and transcribed talks for parents and teachers.

This series of short online videos for Suzuki parents and teachers will address such Suzuki-related topics as parent-teacher communication, the teen perspective, character development through music, and many practice games for all!


Nurtured by Love biographical video

Have you seen this marvelous video? Just under 60 minutes long, it features performances and interviews with key figures in the Suzuki world, all speaking about the work of Shin'ichi Suzuki.
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Fave Violin Recordings

Here are a few of my favorite things...!

Mozart G Maj Concerto:

Hilary Hahn

Bazzini; Scherzo Fantastique
'La Ronde des Lutins’

James Ehnes & Eduard Laurel

Barber Vln ConGil Shaham

  You know how much I love Gil Shaham's playing…all my students know…so a parent of a former student sent me this link to a NYT feature called "In Performance": in it, Gil Shaham is playing Bach's Partita No.3 in E-Gigue; enjoy! 

  It’s beautifully done; just him standing in a sound studio—you can really see the angles of his fingers landing on the fingerboard, and look how loose his bow index finger is!!!! Plus watch his face when he makes a goof, and listen to how he adds ornamentation rarely heard from modern players.

  This one minute and 46 seconds is a lesson. You can take a lesson from Gil Shaham. He’s so awesome.

Now, Hilary Hahn was 18 when she made these Bach recordings. Unbelievable. Do you know what she's up to now?? Look up her FBk page!   Hilary Hahn:Bach Partitas






Stefan Grappelli & Yehudi Menuhin <sigh> jazz violin:
Gershwin's Summertime
Image result for grappelli menhuin summertime

Look up the FBk pages of Anne-Sophie Mutter--my Mozart idol when I was a teenager--and Anne Akiko Meyers...they're so inspiring!! 


^This is the bookshelf over my desk
in my studio at MacPhail: a treasure trove

Suzuki Method Books:
suggested reading list

Here is the beginning of a list of books either
about or relating to the Suzuki Method. Some
of these titles date back to the beginning of
the method in this country.

They are organized alphabetically by title.
Some I believe are staples, others may be fluff.

I highly recommend starting with the
'Classic' titles: they reflect the origins of the
method in this country, with deep insights into
the goals and means of those steering the
American Suzuki movement in the beginning.

My favorite classic titles are
in my favorite color.

Great practicing aides are in dark blue.

History/bio subjects are in teal.

Child Development subjects are in purple.


A Parent's Guide To String Instrument Study
Lorraine Fink       

A Suzuki Parent's Diary
Carroll Morris         

Ability Development from Age Zero
Shinichi  Suzuki             

Between Parent and Teacher
Susan Kempter  

Everything Depends on How We Raise Them
Shigeki Tanaka   

Expanding Horizons; The Suzuki-Trained Violinist
Grows Up

Mark Bjork  

Games and Motivation for The Suzuki Violin Student 
Diane Wagstaff

Helping Parents Practice
Edmund Sprunger           

How Muscles Learn - Teaching the Violin with
the Body in Mind

Susan Kempter    

How To Get Your Child To Practice Without
Resorting To Violence
C. Richards 

How to Talk so Kids Will Listen
Adele Faber               

I Can Play My Violin Just As Well As Jeremy Can!
Margaret Keith    

The Inner Game Of Music
Barry Green & W. Timothy Gallway      

Journey Down the Kreisler Highway
Craig Timmerman           

Kids, Parents and Power Struggles
Mary Sheedy Kurcinka  

Mommy, Can We Practice Now? 
Marie Parkinson      

Nurtured By Love
Shinichi Suzuki

Nurture By Nature: Understand You Child's
Personality Type... 
Paul & Barbara Tieger

Positive Personality Profiles 
Robert Rohm           

Philip Johnston           

Punished by Rewards
Alfie Kohn        

Raising Your Spirited Child
Mary Sheedy Kurcinka    

Recollections of a Peripatetic Pedagogue
John Kendall

Violin Verses
Judy Gilligan & Diane Wagstaff

Sharpen Your Tools, Volume 1
Jennifer Burton

Shinichi Suzuki: The Man And His Philosophy
Evelyn Hermann             

Stories of Composers
Catherine Wolff Kendall

Stories of Women Composers For Young Musicians
Catherine Wolff Kendall

Student's Guide To The Great Composers 
L. Dean Bye

Suzuki Education in Action 
Clifford Cook

Teaching From the Balance Point
Edward Kreitman    

Teaching With An Open Heart
Edward Kreitman                       

The Suzuki Violinist: A Guide for Teachers and Parents
William Starr

The Violin: A Social History of the World's
Most Versatile Instrument 

Daniel Schoenbaum

They're Rarely Too Young and Never
Too Old To

Kay Collier Slone

Time to Practice: A Companion for Parents
Carrie Reuning-Hummel     

To Learn With Love
William and Constance Starr

When Can I Clap, Daddy?
Margaret Keith 



Origins of Suzuki Repertoire

When Shinichi Suzuki chose repertoire for the violin school, painstakingly ordering it in a deliberate chronology of skill development, he drew from a wide canon of music, not all originally for the violin.

Some of his choices were based upon folk songs he learned while studying in Germany, some were from the canon of songs composers wrote for their own children or students. Some choices were from the canons of other instruments or genres!

Delve into this exhaustive index of our beloved repertoire, compiled by Mark Polesky. He clarifies several of the vagaries instituted through the publishing process, such as "Gavotte" and "Largo". It's  a brilliant endeavor!


Homegrown Practice Planner

Look at this great practice planner designed by a Suzuki mom in our own program!
We viewed it as a faculty and love it!
It is called Lesson Compass; $20 for 52wk practice planner.

Lesson Compass for Suzuki Books 1 & 2


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